Cycling options abound at Greene County Parks & Trails. Greene County offers five paved trails with four trails converging at Xenia Station --- considered to be Mile Marker Zero.  All trails are paved and lead cyclists through rural, suburban and urban areas. The GCP&T Trail Sentinels, an all-volunteer organization, serve as ambassadors for the trails and can assist with minor repairs, information or hospitality guidance. With a strong historical background as a railroad region, the trails were developed as part of the rails-to-trails program. Night Rides and Morning Miler rides are held seasonally and hosted by the GCP&T Trail Sentinels.  Check our calendar or activity guide for dates.

In 2018, GCP&T celebrates its 15th anniversary of its Greene Trails Cycling Classic, July 19 to 22.  The one-of-kind family friendly adventure offers one to four days as options.