Ohio to Erie Trail

In 1855, it was the Columbus & Xenia Railroad. For over 125 years, it was part of the Pennsylvania Railroad's main line from New York City to St. Louis. Today it is known as Route 1, the Greene County section of the 300-mile Ohio to Erie Trail (240 miles complete). The trail passes mainly through open farmland, although much of the trail is lined with scrub bushes and low trees which can provide a welcome windbreak.

From Xenia Station, riders can safely cross S. Detroit Street (US 68 & State Rt. 380) at Miami Avenue, ride north just 150 feet to right on Hill Street, then immediately left onto the well marked asphalt trail. From there, the trail makes a gradual ascent for approximately 3 miles, crossing Columbus Street, Jasper Road, Old US 35, to Bickett Road

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