School Environmental Education Programs

Student Programs

Student programs are designed to meet state standards for particular grade levels. School programs are now offered free with funding provided from the GCP&T levy. The park agency appreciates the tight economic reality faced by schools. Programs may be are held in the school classroom or at a park facility. Public, private, parochial and homeschool programs can all benefit from the applied learning activities. All GCP&T school programs ignite a passion for natural sciences and cultural heritage.

Workshops for Teachers

Teachers' workshops, designed to supplement classroom instruction with hands-on learning, include Project Wild, Project Wet, and Project Learning Tree. Other programs for teachers include a three-day Wetlands Workshop, as well as age-specific and topic-oriented workshops.

Educational Treasure Trunks

Teachers may borrow different educational trunks assembled by our naturalists. We have trunks about Pioneer History and the Underground Railroad - and they include a notebook of activities, quizzes and supplies teachers will need to teach each topic. 
To learn more or to register for a GCP&T school program, call 937.562.6440. or email

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