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Russ Nature Reserve


Russ Nature Reserve Case Statement (PDF)


  1. Bee Apiary
  2. Butterfly Garden
  3. Garden
  4. Hiking
  5. Nature PlayScape
  6. Pond
  7. Tree Nursery
Russ Nature Reserve offers 90 acres of mixed prairie and woodlands with a 4,000-square-foot ranch home to be renovated as a nature education center. The ten-room home will offer classrooms, program areas and a birding room.

The property was left to the park agency by the late Fritz and Dolores Russ as a legacy honoring their passion for nature and education.

Fundraising Opportunities

Fund-raising opportunities managed by Greene Giving for the proposed nature education center are underway with the facility designed to serve families, homeschoolers, scout organizations, senior groups, 4-H clubs and more.


The Russ Nature Reserve offers Greene County’s only Nature PlayScape, hiking trails, small pond, high-fence garden, tree nursery, butterfly garden, as well as a bee apiary in cooperation with Bill Starrett.

Read the Case Statement about future plans for the Russ Nature Reserve.

Activities & Facilities

Hiking trails through mixed prairies and woodlands, apiary, nature study, photography, bird watching, Nature PlayScape
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