Cancellation Policies

This policy is for cancellations pertaining to programs, camps and events that require registration, a minimum enrollment and a fee. If the minimum is not met two (2) business days prior to the start date, the program may be cancelled. Should the program be cancelled, registrants will be notified and receive a household credit unless they request a refund. During periods of extreme heat, cold or threatening weather, Greene County Parks & Trails may cancel a program in the interest of safety. Refunds are not provided for cancellations due to weather. Please note: Participants cancelling their registration and requesting a refund will be charged a $10 fee to cover processing costs unless a household credit is utilized. If the program is $10 or less, no refund will be provided. No refunds or household credits are provided for those participants missing a program or missing one day of a multi-day program.

Household credits will be offered for programs and facility cancellations. Household credits are valid for any program or reservation in the same calendar year. If registrant requests refund instead of a household credit, the processing fee of $10 applies.

No refund for any shelter, gazebo, facility or park area will be given for a cancellation 30 days or less prior to rental date. A  $10 fee will be charged to cover processing costs on all cancellations over 30 days for shelter/gazebo/camping reservations unless a household credit (good for that calendar year) is utilized. The Lodge at Clifton Reserve Policy is: NO refund given for rentals cancelled 1-30 days prior to the rental date. A refund of 1/3 the rental amount will be given 31-60 days prior to the rental date; 2/3 the rental amount will be given 61-90 days prior to the rental date. A ten ($10) dollar fee will be charged for cancellations over 90 days prior to rental date.